June 16th, 2009

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Who's a house owner? For realz this time?

That's right. Me.

The other house deal fell through, as the house had a 30yo paint job, and I think If I'm paying full price for a house, it should have a decent paint job.

My bid was accepted and I'm just finishing up the loan paperwork. I was pre-approved, so I don't foresee any problem with the loan.

Anyway, here is the house:


And it does have a wet bar in the family room. That's right! I'm going to have a Tiki Bar in my own house. Which is kind of odd, in that I almost never drink at home unless I'm entertaining guests. I guess this means I'll just need to have more guests.

Close date is July 17th.

You can also check it out on Google Maps and Zillow:



In other news, my Sister might be moving out in November. She's unhappy with her job and she's not sure she can find a job she wants in the Seattle area. She has 14 years experience in sex education and she would like to find a job with the State, County, a city, Planned Parenthood, or some sort of nonprofit. I really like having her as a roomie and I would like her to stick around, as she does all the cleaning, cooking, etc (read: best room mate EVER!). If you know of any jobs in the King/Snohomish county area that fits the bill, please let me know.
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Civilized riots? Weird...


If those wondering what is going on. You see protesters marching in Iran, then the motor cycle cops come through hitting people with their batons. Finally a motorcycle get's knocked over. The people light the motorcycle on fire, then rip the uniforms off the cops, pull them aside, give them water, make sure they are okay, and send them on their way.

One more place that's shown it's more civilized than Detroit.