A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I took Emily to the beach for a private weekend, and it was awesome. Sea lions, Stella, and light houses, oh my!

The weather was more traditional Oregon Beach weather than most beach trips. In otherwords, foggy... We went down Thursday night and it was foggy all along the coast, Friday was foggy all day, Saturday was foggy till mid-afternoon, and Sunday was foggy as well.

We went to the Newport water front and over to the Rogue brewery where a motorcycle group (all VERY nice crotch rockets) was touring the plac. The brewery also has a limited run "brewers special". According the bartender, the brew masters dog died so he made this special one off brew to commemorate the dog. It tasted like an over hopped porter, but had the alchol content of an imperial brew. It was so amazingly good. More of a winter brew, but it was so good I would drink it any time. We talked the bartender int breaking the rules and sold us a couple growlers to bring back. One for Emily and I, and one for my Dad as we were celibrating his b-day (56yo) on Sunday.


Stella was full of adventure all weekend from the pooping and peeing in the cabin (grrr...) to escaping out the kitchen window and us finding her hours later walking up the road when we got home, and then... We went down to the beach the next day and all the dog owners already knew Stella because she was out playing will all the dogs on the beach while we were out. But after all that, and then coming back to PDX and spending a good part of Sunday running with Daisy and Josephine, she is dead tired today.

Anyway, remember the group beach trip is next month! If you have not reserved your spot, do so ASAP.

And what beach post would be complete with out peeeektchooooorzzzzzzz!?!?!?!?!?!

And all the pictures...

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