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A Quark of A Different Spin.

For those in the PDX area this weekend, get your butts out to Mt. Tabor for the Adult Soap Box Derby:

Hope to see everyone at this year's Portland Adult Soapbox Derby!

The races take place this Saturday, 9 September, on Mt. Tabor!

Racing starts at ten a.m., with finals beginning at three p.m. The race is some of the biggest fun you'll have this summer. The derby is FREE to spectators. The afterparty located at Sabala's (4811 SE Hawthorne) - everyone is welcome, entry for non-racers is $5.

Some details:

  • BBQ available from the Church of Swinetology (www.swinetology.org)
  • Spectators - feel free to bring your own beer and wine to the park, but please keep the beverages trackside. Recycle your cans in the provided containers, and dispose of your trash in the provided garbage cans.
  • The caped AquaBoy will be selling water along the course.
  • 2006 Derby T-shirts are also available - $10 each - near the starting line.
  • More details at http://www.soapboxracer.com/

Raceday schedule

8:30-9:30 - Practice runs
10:00-2:00 - Preliminary racing
2:00-2:30 - Halftime show
3:00-4:00 - Semi-final and finals racing
6:00 - AFTER PARTY!!! At Sabala’s – just down the street at 4811 SE Hawthorne. MUSIC (Pillowfight and Muddy River Nightmare Band) SNAX! BEER! Free afterparty admission for racers and volunteers. $5 all others

This is a fun event. And as an added bonus, my Dad's company is sponsoring a cart. If you see one with "MICE Display Works" on it, the guy driving it is Miles (not my Dad). If you see a large bald guy helping with it, that is my Dad, Don. Go say, "Hi!"

And here are some pictures from the race a couple years ago:

The first half of the images are from the ASBD. The second half are from Fluetag, which was the same day that year.

Anyway, get your hiney's out to the races and have a lot of fun. :-)

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