A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

The Sealand saga takes and interesting turn, in an already very interesting history.

First, for those that don't know, Sealand is a 550 square meter man made structure 4 miles off of the coast of England. It was originally built to monitor for German u-boats and provide coastal defense. After the war the military abandoned it and squatters moved in. At one point this guy running a pirate station off of a barge was shutdown by the UK for operating a pirate station in English waters, so he raided and took over Sealand and set up shop there, declaring it his own nation. The UK tried to shut him down but the courts said he had every right to it. Plans were drafted to raid it, but the fear of public backlash stopped it. At one point another group took the nation over, but then it was taken back. Finally HavenCo leased space to run a data haven outside of any national laws. Now the owners have put the nation up for sale.

And just in... Pirate Bay, the internet's most famous bit-torrent site, has started putting together the funds to make an offer.

So, assuming Pirate Bay gets ownership, how do you see it playing out? Will the RIAA/MPAA form their own mercenary army and raid the place? Will they pressure everyone they can to cut Sealand's internet connections? Will they make a counter offer and buy Sealand first?

If you had the funds to buy your own nation (I would go for an island in the Caribbean), where would you pick, and what would you do with it? Personally, I would make an Amsterdam of the Caribbean, make rum, grow weed, etc, and then have it be a high priced resort for rock stars and the like.

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