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Apr. 10th, 2002 @ 10:20 am (no subject)
Today is Setting Orange, the 27th day of Discord in the YOLD 3168.

Met Karl last night. He seems cool.

I have my mixing equiptment set up again, but I haven't touched them since Burning Man. I'm hoping to find time when no one is in the house to practice. I'm thinking an hour or two a day for a week or so before I even consider letting anyone hear me. dk seems to be getting good use out of it, though.

I'm worried about synapsepi's dog, Shorty. This morning she looked like she was in a lot of pain and could barely move her rear leg.

  1. What is your drug of choice? (don't take this too literally)
    - THC, MDMA, Psylicibin
  2. What things are better than sex for you? (i'm not assuming you've had sex, it's just an expression)
    - Post sex cuddling with synapsepi
  3. Which of the seven sins are you most often guilty of? (pride, anger, lust, sloth, envy, gluttony, greed)
    - lust (for synapsepi), sloth (let's face it. I'm a slacker.), gluttony (Mmmm.... Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!)
  4. If you could get rid of an emotion forever, which would it be?
    - Hate. Guilt, remose, etc bug me personally, but just think of what the world would be like with out hate.
  5. What one day would you like to live again unchanged?
    - I don't know....
  6. What day would you like to live again to change it?
    - Again, I don't know....
  7. Which year of your life would you have skipped gladly?
    - You can randomly pick any year from Second Grade to Junior Year in High School.
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Date:April 10th, 2002 02:01 pm (UTC)
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you mix? color me impressed!