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Christine O. Gregoire office does not care about gays.

I wrote her office a polite letter after it came out that the owners of the Sonics spent over a million dollars to fight gay marriage. I expressed that I did not feel that it is appropriate for the state to help fund a basketball team or it's arena, when the money from such ventures ends up profiting people who turn around and spend the money on homophobic legislation.

It took weeks to get a response. Or I should say, non-response, as it didn't address the issues I brought up:

Thank you for contacting Governor Gregoire about the Seattle Sonics and their prospects for remaining in the region.

The Governor is disappointed that the ownership of the Sonics and Storm is no longer local, but she understands that this was a very difficult business decision. The Governor is a supporter of the Sonics and Storm and hopes they remain in the region, if it is feasible; she is encouraged that the new owners have also expressed a desire to stay in the state.

Since the sale, the new owners have met with state and local officials; and Governor Gregoire has had several good conversations with Clay Bennett, the managing partner of the new owners. Before any proposal to keep the Sonics and Storm in the region moves forward at the state level, it will need to receive the approval of the city and county government. As of now, that has not occurred.

Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts. The Governor appreciates hearing your views.


Gary Fugere
Constituent Services Manager
Christine O. Gregoire

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