A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Select pictures from St. Patrick's Day.

We met up at The Cressant, then that night we went to Jules Mae in SoDo to see The Sasparilla Jug Band and The Bad Things. I didn't whip out the camera till that night. The lighting was very dim, so excuse the blur and what-not. But still it was fun. I hope you enjoy the shots.

On the left, sadman420 and Josh. On the right, Pippa and monoandy. The desire to breath in copious amounts of playa dust seemed to be the topic.

Johnny expressing his love of beer.

Brendan looking debonair, as usual.

Travis pondering the meaning of life, or Smurfs. I'm not sure which.

Michelle and Jade, who were the life of the party. Jade is also a Gigsvillian!!!

Brendan and Andrew.

Carrie(sp?) preoccupied with deep and meaningful conversation.

The Bad Things had the place jumpin'!

And now you know why, when I send out where we're hanging out, you need to get your ass there. Pronto! :-P

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