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Sadly, I really like some of these songs, especially The Horse With No Name. And, I really need to try that line from 50 Cent. If you go to the link at the bottom, they include snarky commentary to go with the lyrics. And really, who don't have enough snark in their lives already?

20 Worst song lyrics ever:

  1. "Coast to coast
    L.A. to Chicago"
    --Sade's 'Smooth Operator'

  2. "War is stupid
    And people are stupid"
    --Culture Club's 'War Song'

  3. "I don't like cities
    But I like New York
    Other places
    Make me feel like a dork"
    --Madonna's 'I Love New York'

  4. "Young, black and famous
    With money hangin'
    Out the anus"
    --Puff Daddy and Mase's 'Can't Nobody Hold Me Down'

  5. "But if this ever-changing
    world in which we live in ..."
    --Paul McCartney and Wings' 'Live and Let Die'

  6. "Your butt is mine"
    --Michael Jackson's 'Bad'

  7. "I don't think that I've
    got the stomach
    To stomach calling
    you today"
    --Saves the Day's 'See You'

  8. "My panty line shows
    Got a run in my hose
    My hair went flat
    Man, I hate that"
    --Shania Twain's 'Honey I'm Home'

  9. "Now you're amazed
    By the VIP posse
    Steppin' so hard
    Like a German Nazi"
    --Vanilla Ice's 'Play That Funky Music'

  10. "I'm all out of faith
    This is how I feel"
    --Natalie Imbruglia's 'Torn'
    (lyrics by Anne Preven)

  11. "I wish it was Sunday
    That's my fun day
    My I-don't-have-to-run day"
    --The Bangles' 'Manic Monday'
    (lyrics by Prince)

  12. "Time is like a clock
    in my heart"
    --Culture Club's 'Time (Clock of the Heart)'

  13. "There were plants
    And birds
    And rocks
    And things"
    --America's 'Horse With No Name'

  14. "I ain't never seen
    An ass like that
    The way you move it
    You make my pee-pee go
    --Eminem's 'Ass Like That'

  15. "Leaving was never
    my proud"
    --R.E.M.'s 'Leaving New York'

  16. "Relentless lust
    Of rotting flesh
    To thrash the tomb she lies
    Heathen whore
    Of Satan's wrath
    I spit at your demise"
    --Slayer's 'Necrophiliac'

  17. "There's an insect
    In your ear
    If you scratch
    It won't disappear"
    --U2's 'Staring at the Sun'

  18. "I love you like
    A fat kid loves cake"
    --50 Cent's '21 Questions'

  19. "Lucky that my breasts
    Are small and humble
    So you don't confuse
    Them with mountains"
    --Shakira's 'Whenever, Wherever'

  20. "If I was a sculptor
    But then again, no"
    --Elton John's 'Your Song'
    (lyrics by Bernie Taupin)

From here: http://www.spinner.com/2007/03/27/the-worst-lyrics-ever-no-20/

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