A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I had a couple people IM me asking about the inspiration for the 60's style and how it was done. The original poster that inspired this was one by Wes Wilson, made for a Jefferson Airplane show with Muddy Waters and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and The Fillmore West (Fillmore West is in San Francisco and Fillmore East is in New York City).

Many of the people I know that are in the rave scene enjoy yoga and believe in finding inner peace, so I thought a woman in a lotus position would be fitting.

The head was replaced with an atom, with yin-yangs for electrons. This is to link in Fluorine. Fluorine was originally refined in quantity for processing uranium. Back in the 50's the atom symbol was proudly displayed on anything possibly of a nuclear nature. And the nucleus, or heart of the atom, is a record. As the core of this whole thing is music.

Two fonts were used. The majority of it was a free font called FATSOcaps. FATSOcaps did not include numbers, though. So the "21+, no cover" and the address at the bottom were don in Sans Bold, this I selected the font "by color", and grew the selection to give it a rounded look to try to match the FATSOcaps. The fonts were then warped using GIMP's "Curve Bend" tool.
The Fluorine logo was added, with wings drawn on to emulate the style of Rick Griffin.

I think I'm done with it. It's not done by any means, but unless Beau wants to use it, there not much point in spending more time on it.

Look through these old posters, I'm surprised (and enjoying) the amount of nudity they got away with in these posters. It was all tastefully done, often similar to Art Nouveau in style. I can't help but wonder if you were to put posters like this up today, if the prudes would have a conniption fit and go on a witch hunt or not. All to save the children, of course.

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