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A Quark of A Different Spin.

The latest poster is some good natured ribbing of my friend Dennis. He's on the Kinetic Skulpture [sic] Team, so I did an image of him as a Toreador. I tried to emulate the styles of old bullfight promotional posters.

I do not speak Spanish, so I relied on Babelfish to translate my English to Spanish. This is a process that is sure to have grammatical errors that will have the Spanish speakers out there giggling like I do when I read "Engrish" stuff.

I used three images to make this. You can see them below the the cut.

I pieced this together from three images. The bullfighter looked like a hand painted image, so I desaturated Dennis and the hand colored him. I think combined the bodies and did a faint news print effect to mask my errors.

Also Dennis's picture was taken under more direct lighting so IO need to add some shadoes on the bull fighters body.

I think I got the head size about right, and the neck length. It's hard to tell.

Finally I added so texture to make it look like it's on old paper.

Dennis's head is from this picture of him, Meg, and Greg and the Wooden Boat Festival.

The bull fighters body. This is from a Spanish webpage, so I'm not sure, but I think the fighters name is Manuel Benítez El Cordobés.

And the Bull for the accents on the left and right of the image.

The text should read (this is the text I gave Babelfish):

Bullring of Port Townsend


Can the women resist him?
We do not believe so!

The Supreme Bullfighter!

Road! | Sand!
Mud! | Sea!

October 7th and 8th

The Running of the Bulls

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