A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Theory Radio Help. About 5 minutes ago a song played about Monkeys and a river.I must have this song. But sadly the track info said it was "Favorite Blunders" by Popium, which is not the track I was listening to.


Cancel the music emergency, the track was Monkey River by PoTUSA.

Here are the lyrics:

Monkey River
» The Presidents Of The USA

In the hazy light I see
Lonely croak, dark green dreams
I got no paddle and I got no shoes
I'm solo in a raw hide canoe
Hundreds of those little bug eyes
Them drooly running glassy eyes
Smiling through the foggy soup
I crack a grin and laugh in tune

I would love to float on
Monkey River

Sad life hangin' out on a limb
Purple Paul pluckn a guitar
All string broke except for one
Careful chimp
Rest the bass
Water's only shodow deep
Monkey's dip into the river
Black and blue moon light up the leaves
Cypress branches chuckle and shiver

I would love to float on
Monkey River

Tiny fingers hold my hope
Felling full of water and holes
Look like killers but they mean no harm
I know them all my brothers.....

An on the last on duck's boat
Monkey's wave goodbye
Patch my boat with chewing gum
This purple haze is easy on my

I'd love to float on Monkey River

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