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Apr. 12th, 2007 @ 11:13 am (no subject)
NEWS FLASH! Theory Radio sued!!! ;)

Theory radio is an online "radio" station done by severl members of Gigsville and run out of Theory Labs. Their Cafe Press page says their "Theory Twins are thrirty degrees hotter than Hell". lilliangreen, also a Gigsville denizen, is known as Hell in Gigsville. You can see here response below. I'm waiting with baited breath on what Theory Radio/Labs will respond with. :-)

adameros (10:27:17 AM): I think it's time for you to have words with Theory Radio... http://www.cafepress.com/theoryradio
adameros (10:28:48 AM): As if the twins could even get close to being as hot as you. *humph!*
lilliangreen (11:10:17 AM):
Dear DJ's, owners, & volunteers of Theory Radio,

This electronic notice of pending lawsuit against you shall be as valid as written notice for the purposes stated herein. Thus, a suit is being pursued against you for allegations contained within items for sale on the Cafe Press website (www.cafepress.com/theoryradio ) and the misinformation stated on those items. All items under "Theory twins, 30 degrees hotter than Hell" must be removed after the lawsuit which shall be held on April 15, 2007 at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, 421 LaBrea Drive, Los Angeles at 10:00 AM. The plaintiff claims that there is no such creature as a item hotter than Hell, who is by nature one of the hottest beings in existence. There may perhaps be people several degrees hotter than her, e.g. Ms Mercury, Noosha, or Blackjack, but such comparisions are truly apples and oranges. Your little twins are by no means as hot as Hell, much less Hotter Than Hell, morover certainly not by 30 degrees. If you cannot remove said insignia, a disclaimer must be attached as follows: *Theory twins are hotter than hell, but do not come close to the Hawtness of Hell.
Lillian Greenwood, esq.
Greenwood & Associates
314 Nubian Drive, Mendocino
adameros (11:11:21 AM): Hahaha!!! Beautiful!
adameros (11:11:28 AM): Send it!
lilliangreen (11:11:58 AM): I did - with a doc titled 'lawsuit.doc' with a sexy pic of me
adameros (11:12:59 AM): I think I need to post this in my LJ.
lilliangreen (11:13:11 AM): LOLOLOL

Time to see who's lawyeresque snark-fu is greater. As long as they don't enlist the legal consel of Therm, I think lilliangreen has a good change of "winning". :-)
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