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Friday night at the gallery kicked ass. Great art, great tunes, and great people.

Once a month Beau and his partners have an open house at their gallery, Suite 100 Gallery, in Belltown. This months art is Jose Torres, a.k.a. Taj in the graffiti world. Jose is a senior at Cornish. His art looks a lot like if you were to run a edge detection on an image, warp it a bit, and fill the negative space with subtle Van Gogh-esque swirls, and all done by drizzling paint like Jackson Pollock. Yeah, it's that good.

The gallery before the crowds descended on the scene.

Jose with a couple of his paintings.

Beau, Jose, Josh, and Doug. Josh and Doug are the other two owners of the gallery.

Semblance followed Beau.I think at some point I was asked to stop drooling on his equipment. Some day good cd deck will be mine.

Trained professionals only.

The music was awesome enough to inspire spontaneous belly dancing from Anna.

Doug in front of my favorite painting of the show. (Anyone want to buy me a $3,000 painting? Please?)

This is one of Jose's paintings from Pioneer Square (Seattle, not PDX. When people mention Pioneer Square, I always think of the one in PDX).

The fun spilled out into the street.

Noisemaker was next up, and did not disappoint.

My vanity got the better of me.

Passer-by's were jumping into the fun as well.

Shelly looking hot, and Beau's reflection in the glass.

And one more person who's name I can't remember.

[Note: The pictures are not as great as I would have hoped for. The ISO was 3200 to compensate for the darkness, and that made the noise levels in the images skyrocket. I figured the noise was better than blinding people with the flash.]


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