A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Bush commuted Scooters sentence? I'm actually surprised he didn't fully pardon Scooter. But I think this show the prevalent nepotism and rewards for cronyism(sp?) that is prevelent in this administration. This administration is as corrupt as they come, but it's not bribes with money, but with favors and bought loyalty.

Bush claims to be adjusting the sentence to fit the crime, and that he is a nice caring guy for doing it. How often did he do this while he was the Governor of Texas? When has he ever done something like this when a friend or business partner wasn't involved?

I'm calling Bull-Shit!

In other news, there are calls for impeachment. We have one year of Bush left. How slowly congress moves, could the impeachment actually be done in that time span? As much as I would love to see egg on Bush's face as he's marched out of office, I think it would just worsen political discourse in this country.

One thing I hope that does come from all of this, all those people who had "W4" sticker on their SUV's, the same stickers that have magically disappeared from their SUV's in the last year, have learned something from this and aren't so eager to mix religion and government in an effort to force their faith down other people throats. I doubt they have, but I can hope.

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