A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

There are some bads I love for the lyric, but hate the vocals, some I couldn't care less about the lyrics, but love the vocals, and some I listen too just for the music.

For example, bands like Joy Division, The Pogues, and Bob Dylan are not know for their singing ability, but rather for their lyrics.

And there are singers, like Enya, where people love the singing, but I suspect most people have no idea what's she's saying.

With most electronic music, the lyrics and singing are negligible, just something to add texture to the music.

So, I'm wonder, what musicians do you like because they excel lyrically, vocally, or musically, but might not be so great in other regards?

And now I go off on a wild tangent....

Actually, this has me thinking of what it would be like if nerds reviewed music. I imagine it would be much like how we review most other things. We like to quantify things, and I can see this rating system like for video games where a song/album is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 in a few categories, then given an over all score. The categories might be Lyrical quality, vocal quality, vocal style, musical ability, musical difficulty, and musical style.

Lyrical quality would be depth of the lyrics. Is it just a simple chorus repeated over and over, or does the song have some substance?

Vocal quality is, can they really sing? Do they carry a tune? Do they sound like they gargle with battery acid?

Vocal style is, do their words flow with the music, or do they sound like William Shattner reading from cue cards?

Musical ability is, do they hit all the notes? When they play the acoustic guitar, are the notes clean, or do they drag their fingers on the strings?

Musical difficulty measures how challenging the music is. On the high end, it might be Randy Rhodes playing Crazy train, on the low end, a garage band that knows two and a half cords.

Musical style is how the music sounds. You can hit all your notes, but have the music style sound like crap. You can have a Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar solo that is amazing, but totally out of place with the rest of the music. This is a measure of the the over all sound of the music.

The flaw here is, many of the most legendary musicians would likely only score highly in a couple of the categories, which would make the scoring misleading. By breaking the music down to parts and quantifying them you lose sight of the total package, and that is why nerds tend to not make the best music reviewers.

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