A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Arg!!! I have a sore throat!!! I feel like I deep throated an extra large cucumber in a sand paper condom (extra fiction for extra pleasure), and then gargled and drank a pint of sulfuric acid!!! In other words, my throat is NOT a happy camper. I was tempted to get some chloroseptic, but it deadens anything it touches, which leads to accidently biting my tongue, cheeks, and lips.

We now have two huge couches in the living room, and two love seats stuffed into the computer room. We are under a state of furniture overload.

My company's stuck is continuing to sucks. They have been warnewd by the SEC that if they don't get the stock price above $3 in a month or so, we will be delisted, so they are planning a 4 to 1 reverse split.

Anyway, Went to another day party on Sunday. It was a good venue, and it was fun, but not as good of a vibe as the asr-family event.

Oh, and as always, I had my camera in tow.

Heather, being silly.

When I went to get Pepe's oil changed, there was this replica-car. Still, even as a replica, something like this would be fun.

Heather, at the day party.

My finger, at the day party.

Ryan(Thanks for the correction, Miki!) and Miki (hokulani) at the party.

The stage.

Justin and Sarah, chillin'.

And Elena, giving us her chesire cat smile.

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