A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Comcast is screwing over their customers... Again. A few months ago there were reports of Comcast disabling customer accounts for using too much bandwidth, but would refuse to say what the limit is.

Now Comcast is if doing QoS stuff and severly limiting bandwidth related to P2P programs like BitTorrent to where downloads take days/weeks instead of minutes/hours and they prevent your from seeding.

Let me comment that I do not use P2P software nor am I a Comcast customer. But if one vendor takes up this strategy more will follow.

As I see it, I have two problems with what Comcast is doing. First the restricting of P@P data is like AT&T telling you what you can or can not discuss over your phone with your friends. It's none of their business. This and the disabling off accounts for bandwidth usage is a self defense mechanism to counter that Comcast has so over sold their bandwidth that while they advertise their great speed, they can not support their customers taking full use of it for any extended period of time.

I've never understood how over selling is allowed to the degree we see in the two industries I know that partice it. ISP's and Airlines. If you've ever flown during the holiday season, I'm sure you've seen the people who bought valid tickets and are screwed by the airline and forced to miss their flight because the airline over sold it. ISP's do the same thing with bandwidth. In any other industry, be it show business, the stockmarket, etc, overselling a show or company would be a criminal offense.

If I paid for my 15Mb of bandwidth, I should not be fired as a customer for using, and I should be able to use it as I see fit. and if there are limits on the amount of data you can send/recieve, why not provide information on what the limits are, up front, not in small font legalese, and provide a tool to let you know where you stand on your monthly quota. And above all else, if I paid for the bandwidth, it should be mine to use as I see fit, as long as I am not breaking any laws.

With all that said, I have one request, "Comcast, please take note and stop being jerks. Build out your own network instead of leasing lines from Verizon and grow the capacity to support your customer base. We are supposedly the last superpower in the world and yet most of Asia blows us away in available bandwidth and technology. If you do not stop your profiteering and get to work on these issues, these companies will come to the U.S. markets and bury you."

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