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Aug. 23rd, 2007 @ 02:23 pm (no subject)
Next time you have to pee in a cup, you might make it more fun. In this case, make your pee funny colored. Here are some colors and the foods you need to eat to get those colors. Mind you, you need to eat almost nothing but this food to get the color:

Red Urine: Beets, Blackberries, red food-coloring

Yellow-Brown Urine: Carrots, B-complex vitamins

Brown-black: rhubarb

Deep yellow: Vitamin C

Blue-green: methylene blue

Methylene blue is a harmless coloring agent used to make aquariums blue.
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Date:August 23rd, 2007 11:00 pm (UTC)
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Speaking of urine samples. I just got mine thrown out at the casino because the PCP did not fully test positive or negative, just stayed nutreal. So I have to do to downtown B'ham for a new drug test, not just screening process, and I want to know what the fuck have I been taking could make PCP fuck up?

Some diet pills. the percocet and flexeril. I dunno thought. RAWR. I need to pass this test or fuckit, I will turn into a junkie.
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Date:August 23rd, 2007 11:08 pm (UTC)
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PCP? O_o

As for being a junkie, why not be come a struggling artist. Then it's cool to be broke. ;)

Back to the PCP, your MD knows what you take. Give 'em a call and ask them what's up.
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Date:August 23rd, 2007 11:13 pm (UTC)
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Yeah I figure I will bring the suitcase of medications and herbal suppliments with me to the new UA and ask, "If you want my birth control to see if it is the PCP, you will have to get it yourself. :P