A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Motorcycle batteries are a new experience...

I've had to refill old batteries low on water, but when ever I've bought a battery it's been the maintence free variety.

But the scooter battery was on it's last legs, so I went to Schucks, then Napa, and then finally Sears has the battery I needed in the right size (YB9-B). A small 12v/9AH battery. You can imaging my total shock to see in this day and age that the not only are all batteries of this size not maintence free, but that when you get the battery, you get a seperate plastic bladder bull of sulphuric acid that you have to put in the battery yourself.

Anyway, I got the battery filled, let it sit for an hour, and then charged it.

I thien went to swap out the batteries and found the old one had overflowed, but the overflow tube had come off, so the battery compatment was full of acid, so I got all that hosed out, got the new battery in, the over flow hose put back on, and it works great.

Now to safely dispose of the old battery and life will be good.

In other scooter news, I must admit, I am now seeing some logic to the Quadrophenia style mass of mirrors on scooters. In this case, I want two mirrors, one on each side, leading in front of the scooter a foot or two, as when I hunker down to become more aerodynamic, so I can reach 70mph, my head is so far forward that the side mirrors are useless. So I can either sit up a little and look over my shoulder and hathe speed rapidly drop to about 60-65, or sit up all the way to use the mirrors and have the speed drop to 60-55. When on the freeway, I need every mph I can squeeze out of it.

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