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I'm having a design quandary for the soap box derby cart. To save space and improve aerodynamics I would like to have a dual steering system. Image sitting in a cart, partially reclined, with your hands by your side. Now image two handles down there, one on each side of you. The handles go up and point in an toward you at 45 degrees.Theses would be the steering handles. Full right would have the right handle pointing straight up and the left one flat, pointed toward your left thigh. The handles would also have bicycle style breaks. One for the rear wheel and the other for the front.

I think this would be a comfortable set up, but I don't think I could get enough leverage, like you can with a traditional steering wheel. In a case where "rubbin' is racin'", would the better aerodynamic and more comfortable steering position be better or a wheel where I would get a lot more leverage?

One other oddity... I guess most go carts do not have suspensions, as none of the steering assemblies I've seen take into account the up and down motion of the suspension. This causes the front wheels to toe in or toe out depending on how compressed the suspension is at any given time. Depending on the speed thiscan be a dangerous thing.
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Date:September 5th, 2007 01:42 am (UTC)
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mcpherson strut, and to a greater degree, double-wishbone setups tend to remove camber (add negative camber? whatever) with compression.

this is of course much more ideal.

is there any way to change your suspension setup such that the hub assembly rotates around a front-to-back axis, rather than an up-and-down one?