May. 2nd, 2002 @ 03:31 pm (no subject)
Not anywhere close to what I would have guessed...

Rented Stepchild
(Normal Ignored Dysfunctional Child)

Your inner child is the Rented Stepchild (NIDC) --who the world likes to kick in the head. Abandoned and left adrift you have issues with love, hate and everything in between. With all these issues going against your inner child, he still manages to put the *fun* in dysfunctional: when your inner child wants to laugh, he cries. When he wants to leap, he crumbles. Dance, sit. And so forth.

The cool thing is that all of these problems aren't that unconscious and can be easily "fixed." Simply buy a signifigant other, marry some possesions and then create stepchildren of your own. Pass off your problems to them, inheritance style, and you'll immediately start to feel better!
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