A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Some background on Lilly, as told to me by the foster owner.

Lilly was originally on a farm on the Olympic Peninsula, owned by a soldier who went to Iraq right after getting her. She was outside all alone most of the time. After the soldier found out he was going to be stuck in Iraq another year, he gave her to the shelter.

The shelter gave her to a foster owner, so she was shipped out to Spokane. The family had other dogs and kids (2yo and 3yo), and she bonded with the family quickly, and was very quick to learn commands like "sit" and "stay". She is also house trained.

I spent 10 hours on the road today, through whiteout conditions and over icy roads, getting her. On the way back, she rested most of the trip with her head on my lap.

She doesn't like letting me out of her sight, and usually is learning against me. She quickly bonded with Rian, to the point of when Shae was being a pretend monster threatening Rian (who is just a couple years old), Lilly tried to come to Rian's defense (kind of cool, but also worrying). She loves being brushed, and is looking a lot better after a good brushing.

Right now she's asleep on the floor, looking very cute.

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