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And in this how, on the Live journal News, we recap the events of this last weekend that have helped shape the world today.

Starting Thursday evening:
Mike invited himself over and insulted my house and then told the residents of my house to be quiet as he needed to sleep.

Friday Night:
Sushi with Elena, her cool new roomie, Cory, and the always amazing Heather. :-)

Saturday we went to Pacific Sound's Sunset Party in Golden Gate Park. It was supposed to start at noon, and when we got there at noon thirty, and they were still setting up, we went to the San Francisco Academy of Science. They have their "Skulls" exhibit going on. Then we wandered back out to the party, and met up with Justin and Sarah. The party was big and the vibe was good, but the music was rather monotinous, so we wandered to the Botonical Gardens. Finally at 5pm we headed back south to go to a food heritage festival. It was amazingly yummy. Plus I practiced my fine coockie stealing skills.

Mothers Day! Slept in, called my Mom, went to Foothill Park, went to Heather's brothers for dinner with her family, and then came home and cuddled.

Back to work.



The Academy of Science

Pacific Sounds Sunset Party

Bonus QuickTimes from the Party
Movie 1
Movie 2

The Botanical Gardens


Foothill Park

Plus there are a few picture of Heather showing how truely natural she is, in the middle of the park, but you will have to ask her for those.

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