A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Gah! Dealing with Harbor Freight customer support is a pain in the ass!!!

I found out they have a walking store near my house, so last Thursday I went to buy a band saw. I lug the 191lbs saw home and then slowly start assembling it. Friday night it becomes obvious that the bag of bolts is missing a few bolts and one of the casters. So Saturday I call and find out that the support line is only open Mon-Fri. bankers hours, east coast time. So I call yesterday morning, and even though I registered the product, I need my receipt number. So I call today with the receipt firmly in hand and the guy tells me he can't just send me a new bag, that I need to could out every bolt, nut, and washer, then look up the parts numbers and get him those. He repeatedly tells me he can't just get me the bolt bag. Finally I insist on talking to the manager and sure enough I can just get the "assembly package". So he agrees they will just send me the assembly package, so I ask how long until it arrives. "Oh, that's out of stock right now. We'll mail it to you when it gets in." How long does it usually take to get in?" "Oh, I don't know. Give us a call in a week and we'll let you know if it's been shipped or if it's still back ordered." Or I can disassemble what I have so far, rebox it up, and haul the 191lbs of it back to the store and get a new one, assuming they still have it in stock.

Did I mention, "Gah!"?

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