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A Quark of A Different Spin.

As I mentioned to some of you, my parents gave me an early birthday gift of a PhotoTrackr Lite DPL700. Here is a quick review and an example of my first test run of it.

The GPS unit it's self is small and light. It should run for 22hrs of continuous use on one AA battery. It seems to have not problem getting a fix on satellites, even under adverse conditions. To save battery life it has an internal motion sensor and if all motion stops for a period of time, it stops recording and starts up again when you start moving again. It seems to be durable to impact, but lacks environmental seals. Unfortunately it doesn't look like you can use this as a GPS for your computer, getting real time data. I'll test some more on this front and see what turns up.It can store upto 500,000 way points. You can have it save a way point every so many feet, you set the number. It defaults to 167. Or at a set time interval, it defaults to 30 seconds.

The software for merging the GPS waypoint data with the pictures is still pretty kludgy feeling, but better than I've used before. You can see a screen shot of the software here:


It integrates with Flickr, Locr, Smugmug, and Picasa. I've only tested with Flickr, though. You should be able to see the pictures with a map of where the pictures were take here, on Flickr:


Unfortunately, Flickr doesn't use the breadcrumb trail to show the path I took. As you can see in the screen shot linked above, the software integrates Google Maps and over lays the map with a breadcrumb trail of where I've been. I might be able to save and share the path with Google Earth, again some testing will be required.

Anyway, I look forward to having all my pictures geo-tagged from my trip to Africa in September.

Addendum from my Dad: The software does not work with images from Olympus cameras. While the packaging for the device says it "Works with ALL Digital Cameras." (there bold, not mine), the maker of the PhotoTrackr's tech support claims Olympus is using a nonstandard jepg format and the PhotoTrackr does not in fact work with images from Olympus's. Sadly, my father is the owner of one PhotoTrackr and three Olympus digital cameras.

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