A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

More frustration with our current "President":

Clinton had meetings every other week with military and inteligent staff to monitor and eliminate the al-Qaida, and when Bush took off he dicided this was not a priority, meaning bin Laden and his group were allowed to operate as known threats to the U.S. with out us monitoring him. Now we learn Bush was warned about the attacks before hand, and he still did nothing. And afterward he managed to turn things around and make himself out to be a hero for striking back, and we continue to ignore the fact that he could have avoided this whole thing, but I guess that wouldn't have helped his agendas.

He milked a high aproval rating out of this, which he used to press his own agenda. He has limited our freedom in the name of security. He has increased the vail of secrecy his government operates under. He has broken treaties. He has ignored pretty much all internal affairs and let himself be bribed with campaign contributions, leading to our economy being in a shambles and the energy crisis and Enron scandal. And is now using the tragidy to make money.

I will be so hapy and relieved when he is out of office, but then we will have a huge amount of work repairing the damage he has done.

Bush knowingly let September 11th happen, and we treat him like a hero. Disgusting.

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