A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

The latest HRD image...

  1. I was out at Marymoor on Friday and I put my camera on a post and took five picture, one correctly exposed, one under by one stop, one under by two stops, then one over by one stop, and one over by two stops.

  2. Then I use Qtpfgui to align and combine the images, then tonemap using the Fattal algorithm. Most of the other algorithms produce photo realistic results. Fattal produces surreal painting like results. This is with an alpha of 0.1, beta of 0.8, saturations of 1, and noise reduction all the way off.

  3. As you can see, the image is a little washed out, so we up the contrast and adjust the brightness. We also rotate it so the horizon is flat and we crop it down.

  4. The image looks flat, so I added a gradient on the bottom half, the gradient layer is set to darken only, and adjust the opacity as needed.

  5. Finally, as if the image wasn't surreal enough, I create a layer that is a rendered plasma cloud. I adjust the turbulence until it's rough, but not to rough. Then hit the random seed until the colors look right. Then generate the plasma, and I set that layer to "soft light" and adjust the opacity as needed.

The tools used are Qtpfgui and GIMP.


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