A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Last night I had to marvel at the levels of badness some peoples driving reach.

Take this guy last night...

I was leaving the dog park at Marymoor and there was a park official out waving traffic. The guy was waving me through and telling the other guy in the 15yo pale blue Honda to stop. The other guy went anyway, leaving the park official yelling.

Then the guy pulled into on coming traffic to get to the turn lane that was a good 12 car lengths ahead of him and did not have room for him when he got there.

Then the guy went in to a turn only lane to rush ahead, and then get back into the non-turn lane, cutting people off.

I caught up with him at the light on to Bel-Red Rd...

When the light turned green, he pulled left into the "do not enter" area to pass the guy in front of him through the intersection.

Then he slowed down and did his best to block traffic up Bel-Red Rd., finally giving that up, to cut someone else off, forcing them to slam on their breaks.

The guy was ardently obeying the speed limit, except when slowing down to block traffic, and he was not weaving in a drunken fashion. So either he's just a dick, or the worlds worst driver.

I did get a picture of his license plate, and I'm kind of tempted to post it here and to maybe to the Redmond or Bellevue community with a description of how the guy drives. Much like the classic "Highway 17 Page of Shame". Picture posted above.

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