A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

5Questions you don't want to hear from your GF (and my answers to those questions), from http://www.divinecaroline.com/article/22065/29606-questions-no-wants-hear

  • Where do we stand?
    The Reason: It makes you look desperate. Men love a challenge and despite what they say, think, or how they act, they don’t want you to define the relationship. Let him take the lead now or he never will.

    On our feet. I get a head rush and get all red faced when I stand on my head.

  • Do you ever think about your ex-girlfriend?
    The Reason: This shows a man that you are not secure with yourself. Even on those days that your zit is huge, your clothes are too snug, and your hair is filled with frizz; you must act like a “Bond Girl.” It is the difference between making a man fall in like or in love.

    In what sense? When I see something they would enjoy, do I think of them and send them a link to it? Yes. Do I ever think of them in a romantic sense? No.

  • Do you want to have kids?
    The Reason: Again, it’s about control. The man wants to take the lead. Let him coo-coo over the baby in the grocery store. You will have plenty of time to let him know that you have already named your three future children. Take the first three months to let him say the D-word (Daddy) first.

    I'm not sure. Goats can be pretty hard on the garden.

  • Am I fat?
    The Reason: If he didn’t like they way you looked, he would not have dated you: bottom line! Don’t point out your flaws to him or give him a reason to find any imperfections. To him you are timeless and flawless; make sure you stay that way.

    You are not obese, nor are you anorexic. Keep it that way.

  • Does your mother like me? (even worse, can I meet your parents?)
    The Reason: His mother is the other woman in his life. Let him decide when it is the right time for you to meet her. He may want to make sure she is ready to meet you. You are the woman who may take her little boy away from her. This is a big step; let him take it at his pace.

    This is a double edge sword. If my mother likes you, my life is harder because suddenly the two of you are talking and ganging up on me. If my Mom doesn't like you, she doesn't talk to you, and I get half the nagging. While I truly want you to be accepted by my family, sometimes a little dislike is good for my mental health.

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