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legomymalfoy was elected to the LiveJournal Advisory Board to represent the interests of Live Journal users. Promptly upon being elected she closed off all means of users communicating with her. You cannot ask her questions. You cannot make suggestions. She has also not posted anything on votes she has cast, meeting minutes, or any other way of determining she is representing us in the way users really want.

Therefore I am doing this informal no confidence vote. Please vote how you feel about our current representation and how you feel your representative should interact with the community.

Poll #1228353 Livejournal user representation.

Do you think the user representative should have to leave a published communication channel open for questions, comments, and suggestions?


Do you think the advisory board meetings should have their minutes posted so users can be sure they are being represented in the fashion the want?


Once elected, legomymalfoy closed off her journal and all forms of reaching her to ask questions and make suggestions on LJ policies. Do you think...

...legomymalfoy is doing a good job.
think legomymalfoy should be more open to communication with users.
legomymalfoy has show no interest in listening to users and should be impeached.

PLEASE pass this poll on to your friends. While it is an unofficial poll, the more people who vote, the more likely action will be taken in whatever direction the poll goes.


[Update: For full disclosure, I posted a link to this in the following places:

And I posted on to ljunited, but the moderators have not let it through yet.

Please pass the poll on to anyone you think will be interested.

[Update 2: marta says LJ will be implementing means of communicating with the LJAB: http://community.livejournal.com/ljspeaks/17622.html?thread=568022#t568022]

[Update 3: raggedyman has formed userdom_counts, a community with the express point showing solidarity for those who feel the User Rep should be talking with her constituency.]

[Update 4: legomymalfoy speaks! http://legomymalfoy.livejournal.com/593395.html Still no means of asking her questions, making comments, or offering susggestions. In other words, she still has no interest in listening to her users.]

[Update 5: cambler brings up some good points. http://cambler.livejournal.com/987773.html]

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