A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I was listening to NPR and I heard something that made me happy...

I'm a meat eater, but I hate what big agro does to the meat I eat. The use of feed lots is disgusting. They crowd thousands of cows together, pump them full of hormones to grow faster. then they feed them corn which is too rich for cows and causes bloat, so they have to give them antibiotics and other drugs for that. The cows are so full of chemicals that their waste, which you could normally use as fertilizer, is to toxic to use on anything and they have to store. Through all this, the cows do not have room to roam, and are not kept clean. Thelive and die in inhumane means.

Small scale farms on the other hand still free roam their cows and feed them grass. But it is hard for small farms to compete because they have to slaughter their cattle at FDA approved slaughter houses that are often hundreds of miles from their location.

Those who can use the slaughter house are finding their is huge demand for small farm cattle.

To fix this, a few of the farms are getting together to make a co-opt with an FDA approved portable slaughter house to help more small farms enter the market.

This makes the local butchers happy, as if they have more desirable meat, they can can get some business back from the huge growers/slaughters/butchers, like Tyson foods.

It also helps people achieve the 100-miles-or-less goal of olny eating food raised within 100 miles of your location. On average, the food you eat from the grocery store has travel 1200 miles to reach you. That is a lot of hydrocarbons burned. The idea is that for most people, there are a lot of diverse farms within 100 miles of where they live. If you can find ways to get food from those locations than some place a thousand miles away, you get fresher, better food, you help your local economy, and you are kinder to the environment.

So... Yeah... I'm looking forward to the mobile slaughter houses. If you are going to eat meat, this should give you a more sustainable option that will be better for you.

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