A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

HDR Pano of Downtown Seattle and the Sound

This was originally 24 images. 8 "panes" of the pano, with three images per pane to do the HDR.

Each pane was first assembled in into an HDR using QtPFSGUI and then tone mapped to an LDR using the Mantiuk algorithm.

Finally the 8 panes were assembled in a pano using Hugin.

Unfortunately, when creating the HDR's, the exposure of each pane is evaluated independently of the others, so when the image was assempbled, the sunny area was extremely weashed out or the city was very dark, dpending on which way w went with the overall exposure. I opted for a dark city, as you still get a lot of detail in dark spots, but something that is washed out has lot all it's detail.

I then used GIMP to try to crop the image and adjust the curves to lighten up the city without washing out the bright area, and without making the image too hazy.

Ideally I would assemble three panos, and the convert then to an HDR. Then the brights being too bright or the darks being too dark would not be an issue, but at this point, getting panos perfectly assembles, so they overlap perfectly when making the HDR seems beyond reach at this time.

Hopefully I achieved a good balance.

All the images were taken from the Space Needle yesterday afternoon.


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