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Nov. 19th, 2009 @ 10:03 pm The Last Meeting

The Last Meeting, originally uploaded by adameros.

Microsoft moved in to the building across from us. I looked over and saw this scene that reminded me of The Last Supper.

The scene, from the lights, is even yellowed, like an old painting.

Also there are 13 people in the picture, just like the painting.

And the windows echo the golden mean of the door way behind Jesus in The Last Supper.

I think this was their 14th or 15th floor. (The building has what looks like a double tall first floor, but that might just be a facade.)

I corrected the perspective, but that section of the building is curved, creating the illusion of barrel distortion.

In other news, Microsoft holds a lot of meetings, projecting stuff on walls I can see from my office, and never closes the blinds. Hell, with my cheap telescope, I could read their screens, if I wanted to. I hope there aren't meeting over confidential internal stuff. :-p

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