A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.


So... Yesterday, I went to the Bakery for breakfast, got a vanilla chai and a granola strawberry yogurt. I forgot to get bagel for our staff meeting, so I ran over and got a dozen bagel, plus one for me with lox cream cheese. After the meeting I went on a lunch date, but I couldn't touch my lunch, I didn't feel bad, just not hungry. By the afternooon I was starting to have stomach cramps. I went to pick up Heather and her family from the airport. We we got there, I had to hit the can and had diarrhea. They wanted to swing by Blue-C and get sushi. I had three things, tempura pawn rolls, a Phily Roll, and a California Roll. We then wandered the mall and I had diarrhea at Borders. I then went home, and proceeded to have a fever, mor ediarrhea, and puke up dinner. I was then up most of the night shaking in bed from the fever, and on the toilet clearing my bowel. Everyime I went to the bathroom I would get a glass of water, which seems to pass through my ass in about two hour. Repeat that all night.

I now have a dehydration headache and wondering if I'm done or if I need to hit up urgent care.

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