A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.


building plywood forts in the woods and catching crayfish in the creek and bb guns and getting over a hundred lines in tetris on gameboy when it was gray and needed four batteries and finding the perfect sling shot rock and sega genesis and secret levels and the simpsons when they weren't drawn well and nerf wars and water balloons and slap bracelets and cherry bombs in bottles and troll dolls and pencil fights and reebok pumps and cherry bombs in anything, really and duck tales and the rescue rangers and getting my first pentium 75 computer and dialing up BBSs with a 14.4 modem and telling my friends how to make bombs and pick locks and your mom is so fat her nickname is damn and digging the biggest hole i could at the beach and please, mom, please and sledding for nine hours nonstop and digging a snowball out of my ear and paper airplanes and jumping out of the bushes and all the chicago bulls shirts and posters and discovering where the christmas presents are hidden and opening them and trying to tape them up again perfectly and trapper keepers and pillow cases of halloween candy and because she looked at me in lunch line, she must have a crush on me and playing tackle football without pads or helmets and the smell of blood in my nostrils and nirvana's nevermind album and assigned seats and the many uses of toilet paper and in 4th grade, "i think charlotte's web is a good book because..." and in 5th grade, "i think charlotte's web is a good book because..." and in 6th grade, "i think charlotte's web is a good book because..." and ice ice baby and u can't touch this and did you hear about that new show called the x-files and the inflatable pool leaving a muddy circle of dead grass and my full name followed by "to the principal's office now" and finding out that the answers were in the back of the book and washing the chalkboard for extra credit and slip 'n slide and crawling through the drain pipes and unraveling cassettes tapes for a mile and windows 3.1 and AOL billing by the minute and my friends fighting for me like i was the world and throwing woodchips off monkey bars and that girl suddenly holding my hand in the movie theater and me wondering, "um, what the hell is this about?" and doing homework at the bus stop and the english teacher saying that four people turned in the same paper and playing in the rain and remote control cars and climbing trees and starter jackets and champion shirts and walking door-to-door, soliciting fake donations for, uh, new soccer uniforms so we could walk to mcdonald's later and skateboard magazines and locker combinations and fake bathroom passes and punching chris in the face thursday afternoon and being his friend again friday morning and scabs on my elbows and knees and my mother whistling for me to come home when it got dark and folded notes containing i's dotted with pink hearts and recess and the green vinyl of the seats in the back of the bus and spitballs stuck to stop signs and just ask your mom if she can drive us and seeing who could tread water the longest and i called dibs first and i double dare you and the freedom of walking to mcdonald's by ourselves with our own money and burning my feet on the asphalt in front of the ice cream truck and the chain coming off my bike and calling time out and midnight being late and last year being a long time ago.

and grass stains.

i miss grass stains.
-bobby burgess

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