A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Sinnin' in Sin City. That's right! We went to Las Vegas, Baby! And it was a blast. Even with the 112 degree days, thunder storms, dust storms, it was a fun trip. Heather and I met up with my parents and my sister. We had a grand old time.

Anyway, here is what you've bee waiting for... The pictures!!!!!

The view from our hotel room. We were in room 9337 in the east tower at the Luxor.

Heather in front of New York New York.

A mix of thunder, lightning, and dust storms rolling over the city.

One of the lions at MGM Grand.

How bed-moles vacation.

Heather and I in the Paramid Cafe.

Several attempts at photographinging Heather, but the lighting is so dim in the mall that it's hard getting the lighting right, especially with a simple point and shoot camera.

The Egyptian God for red-necks. Why else would it have a goat head?

Some more of our room. The entry way light and the entertainment center.

Heather exploring the "tombs" (the elevator).

The paramid it's self.

Heather, and other worshipers of Ra (the sun god).

One of the mono rails. Right now, the casinos are connected only to their affiliates via mono-rails, trams, whatever. So their are several services that do not work together, meaning you still have to go outside and roast. Las Vegas is supposedly working on building a unified mono-rail system, which I will aplaud greatly when it's done.

My Sister, Libby, and Heather.

The gardens in the Belagio(sp?).

Heather being all patriotic in the Belagio(sp?).

One the ceiling in the Bleagio(sp?), they have all these hand blown glass flowers. Each "bloom" is about three feet across. These picture do no justice for how amazing and surreal they looked.

Heather, with her arm around me.

One of the Gandola's going down the "Grand Canal" in the Venician.

Heather on one of the bridges over the Grand Canal.

Heather getting some camel love from the talking camels.

What happens when I'm bored at the airport.

Heather, showing off her shiny cloths.

Mike Eng and his cousin Jeffery. Lyra and Elena also come over to hang out. A fun time was had by all. :-)

And that was my weekend.

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