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Finally... The pictures. I'm too lazy to sort through them, so I'm sharing all of them.

First the story...

This was a family trip with my Grandfather and Parents. Everyoneelse flew from Portland to San Francisco on Friday September 6th, then I met up with them, and we flew out that night, flying to Heathrow, and then changing planes and going to Edinburg. From there we rented a car and drove to our base of operations for the next week. We were at a resort just outside of Aberfoyle, Scotland. The scenery was amazing, the people we friendly, the food and beer were wonderfulBut we were in the middle of nowhere. Sheep, sheep, and more sheep was the most common site. From there we would drive out to other sites, like Edinburg Castle, Stirling Castle, the Wallace Monument, the Obon Distillery, etc. Then on Saturday we went to Bath, in route stopping at a town my Grandfather stationed in or visited during World War Two, on the Severn. Monday was spent in London, staying a block off of Hyde Park. Finally we flew home on Tuesday, to the woman I love, and missed greatly.

Here are ALL the pictures. This is 799 pictures. So only look if you have the bandwidth. Also, the pictures are not as nice as when I went to Peru. I decided I did not want to much with film, so I took my PandS digital camera, and not my good SLR, so the metering is not as good, the pictures are not as well focused, and there is no depth of field, and I can't zoom in as well. With those warnings, enjoy my pictures. :-)

I few things I learned...

  • Scottish roads, in the highlands, are insanely narrow, curvy, and the people drive insanely fast. Now I know why that part of the world produces so many world class road racers.
  • Trying to keep the camera even with the horizon, while sitting in the back seat of a car zipping a break neck speed around corners is a little difficult.
  • Europeans are messy. Europe get's on our case about polution, but when I was there, particularly in Edinburg and Bath, there were many garabage cans around bt people were just throwing their garbage on the ground. And many of the rivers were abysmal. Before you give us shit about polution, look at what slobs your own people are first.
  • London drivers are the rudest fuckers I've ever met.
  • I was hoping to see a lot of the car manufacturers that never make it to the U.S.. While a saw many non American models of cars, there were almost all companies that do sell in the U.S..
  • I loved the Highlands and the small town.
Over all I give the trip a big thumbs up.

Pictures I uploaded the evening of the 8th. (108 pictures)

Okay, in frustration with the suckitude that is I.E., this is being broken up in to one post per upload session from my camera (7 posts total).

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