A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

My weekend in pictures...

Friday Night, Elena came down, and we hung out and watch the birds fly, while eating gelato:

Then I ran into amberite, and took some pictures of the top of her car:

Saturday we (Heather, Elena, and I) went to Santa Cruz and saw some cute stuff:

Then Sunday I walked over and met Heather at work, investigating the Steven's Creek, creek bed in route:

Powerlines... I don't know why I keep photoing them. Maybe I'll do something with them, someday:

Someone at Dana St. Cafe (Coffee House? Roasting Company? I don't remember...) was making an ad or being interviewed, but I think it was an ad as they had prompter cards:

Some cheesy art, entitled "Back Of The Snowman":

Someone with way too much money:

Mountain View's City Hall, and some of the surroundings. Some time I want to come by when it's open and get pictures of all the art deco stained glass.

The tallest building in town:

The parkway down Castro:

Heather at her computer:

Then we went to visit kanada at his new bartending job:

And our momment of Zen:

How was your weekend?

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