A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

After a current event, I must say, my girlfriend (synapsepi) is UBER HOT.

A special choosen few can attest to this. The rest of you will be able to witness her hotness for yourself. :-)

Some lines have been removed to obscure what exactly has been done, but so you can still see the unanimous response. :-)

From torilove:
torilove: *gasp*
torilove: holy fuck
torilove: lakdlajsdlk
adameros: Doesn't she look hot? :-)
torilove: ladsfkl;asdlfka;dfks
torilove: ohmygod
torilove: yes
torilove: !
torilove: what a baby
torilove: aahahhahahh
torilove: i just want to cuddle her
adameros: You need to come over and rub her head. :-)
torilove: awwwwww
torilove: oh i iwll
torilove: will, even
torilove: does she like it?
torilove: wow
adameros: She likes it, but is feeling really self conscence
torilove: tell her i think it looks amazing
adameros: Will do. :-)

From uninterrupted:
uninterrupted: wow!
adameros: Doesn't it look hot? :-)
uninterrupted: yeah!
uninterrupted: super hot

From monoandy and fayster:
MandF: oh holy motherfucking shit
MandF: fay is repeating the holy fucking shit sentiment
MandF: holy shit
MandF: well she does look very hott
MandF: fay says woof
adameros: Hehehe :-)
MandF: well i'm glad she did it, cause it sounds like she wanted to
MandF: and she looks great
adameros: Yep. She's feeling self consence right now, though. But yeah, she looks hot. :-)
MandF: tell her she has nothing to be embarrased about
MandF: she looks really awsome

And one her best friends, perpetualfog:
perpetualfog: OH MY GOD
perpetualfog: OH MY GOD
perpetualfog: OH MY GOD
perpetualfog: I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!
adameros: Doesn't she look hot? :-)
perpetualfog: oh my god
perpetualfog: OH MY GOD
perpetualfog: OH MY GOD
perpetualfog: actually yeah she does
perpetualfog: i don't believe she did it!!!!
perpetualfog: WOW

From purplecorduroy
purplecorduroy: NICE!!!

From brokenglasseyes:
brokenglasseyes: she looks fucking hot. and i lovelovelove this photo XXXXX

As you can see, synapsepi is truely a wonderful and awe inspiring site to behold. :-)

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