A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

// series one - as usual
-- name: Adam
-- birthdate: 04-24-72
-- birthplace: Portland, Or.
-- current location: Mountain View, Ca.
-- eye color: green
-- hair color: brown
-- righty or lefty: right
-- zodiac sign: taurus
-- innie or outtie: innie

// series two - describe
-- your heritage: welsh, irish, scottish, danish, jewish
-- the shoes you wore today: boots
-- your hair: short, receeding
-- your weakness: synapsepi
-- your fears: roller coasters
-- your perfect pizza: Nona Amelia's
-- one thing you'd like to achieve: perpetual happiness and interest.

/ series three - what is
-- your most overused phrase on aol\aim: hey
-- your thoughts first waking up: Mmmm.... Cuddle with synapsepi. :-)
-- the first feature you notice in the opposite sex: smile
-- the best name for a butler: James
-- your best physical features: Cock
-- your bedtime: 11pm
-- your greatest fear: loneliness
-- your greatest accomplishment: Making friends.
-- your most missed memory: Hunting and fishing with my family.

// series four - you prefer
-- pepsi or coke: deit pepsi
-- mcdonald's or burger king: In-N-Out
-- single or group dates: single
-- adidas or nike: adidas
-- lipton ice tea or nestea: fresh brewed
-- chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
-- cappucino or coffee: hot chocolate
-- boxers or briefs: boxers

// series five - do you
-- smoke: smoke what?
-- cuss: yes
-- sing well: Is that the audience cheering, or screaming in pain?
-- take a shower everyday: usually.
-- do you think you've been in love: yes
-- want to go to college: yes
-- like high school: Just my senior year.
-- want to get married: yep
-- type with your fingers on the right keys: some of the time
-- believe in yourself: yep
-- get motion sickness: yes
-- think you're attractive: in an unorthodox sort of way.
-- think you're a health freak: no
-- get along with your parents: yes
-- like thunderstorms: yes
-- play an instrument: yes... My organ... heh he he heh

// series six - in the past month, did/have you
-- drank alcohol: yes
-- smoke(d): what?
-- done a drug: yes
-- have sex: yes
-- go on a date: yes
-- go to the mall?: no
-- eaten an entire box of oreos: nope
-- eaten sushi: yes
-- been on stage: no
-- been dumped: no
-- gone skating: no
-- made homemade cookies: no
-- been in love: yes
-- been skinny dipping: no
-- dyed your hair: no
-- stolen anything: no

// series seven - have you ever
-- played a game that required removal of clothing?: yes
-- if so, was it mixed company: yes
-- been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes
-- been caught "doing something": yes
-- been called a tease: yup
-- gotten beaten up: yep
-- shoplifted: yes
-- if so, did you get caught: no
-- changed who you were to fit in: Tried, didn't work. I guess the world will just have to accept me as I am.

// series eight - the future
-- age you hope to be married: 35
-- descibe your dream wedding: depends. I'd kind of like a fraky burning man type wedding, but I doubt the families would be down for that.
-- how do you want to die: old age
-- where you want to go to college: I don't think is matter that much, as I would be going part time anyway.
-- what do you want to be when you grow up: Director of IT or photographer for National Geographic.
-- what country would you most like to visit: I would like to go on an African photo safari.

{x} current clothes: Cargo pants, and maroon/navy blue long sleeved shirt.
{x} current mood: avoident (I need to move my desk today, but I'm feeling hella lazy)
{x} current taste: diet coke.
{x} current hair: messy
{x} current annoyance: needing to move me desk
{x} current smell: snot (my nose is stuffed).
{x} current thing you ought to be doing: moving my desk.
{x} current desktop: Heather with a glowy drink.
{x} current favorite groups: Too many to pick from.
{x} current book: Carter Beats the Devil.
{x} current dvd in player: SLC Punk
{x} current refreshment: Diet Coke.
{x} current worry: Will I get my desk moved in time.
{x} current crush: synapsepi
{x} current favorite celebrity: Don't have one.

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