A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Does anyone who reads this like the direction this country is headed? Dimminished civil liberties. Major reductions in privacy. Moving back to nuclear weapons being the weapon of choice. A forign p[olicy based on war instead of trade. A return to isolationism. Pissing off most, if not all, our allies.

Back in the day, our forgien policxy was "Speak softly and carry a big stick." This was a some what acceptable policy at the time. We really didn't make many demands, but we expected that what we did ask for would be considered.

Then we gradually moved to a positive reinforcement method. We would give nations favored trading status if they played by our rules. This worked great. While China is still a human right disaster, this trade policy inspired more change than any cold war threats.

Now we are moving to a shout loudly and carry a big stick approach. We make endless demands and smack anyone who doesn't do exactly what we say. This will turn friends to enemies, and enemies to arch rivals. Eventually they will band against the us and knock us down, unless we start playing fair.

This is basic schoolyard politics. The bully remains in power until everyone bands against him. We, folks, are the bully in the playground.

Why do we care about Iraq? There have still been no firm ties to al Quida made. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand does have firm ties to this terrorist group, and they are our friend. It can't be the U.N. Resolution violations, as both Isreal and Turkey have far more violations than Iraq.

It's oil. We are there so Bush's family friends in the oil industry can get their hands on the oil. The oil companies have already met and divided up the Iraq, if we seize control.

What does the oil get us? Cheap fuel for our cars and industry. Which could boost the economy, but not nearly as much as if we could get more renewable sources working, like solar, wind, and fuel cell technology. If we could move away from oil need entirely, we would not need to rely on forgien sources at all.

The fact we are planning to risk the lives of our troops again Iraq, when it doesn't help the fight on terrorism or serve any purpose than to keep gas costs low, I find alarming. Our troops lives are worth more than that.

Anyway, thoughts?

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