A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Last nights main event, DRUNKEN PROPHYLACTIC WRESTLING!!!!!

Actually, it's a rubber glove, not a condom, but I think the previous title is more fun. But the wrestlers (not the glove) really were drunk.

Tonight, for your main event, on The Couch of Kush, a battle of the ages!

On the left, we have visiting grappler extrodanaire, Luscious Lyrina!!!! Hailing all the way from Palo Alto , this curvy bombshell is sure win hearts and wrestling matchs, as she slams beer after beer. Her Jagger Tackle has taken many an advisary by suprise.

On the right, we have the home Cesspool favorite, Indominable Ilya! He may look skiny, but he is fast, agile, and can guzzle the vodka. His Smirnof Headlock is a force to be reconded with.

Let's go to the couch and watch as this epic battle ensues.

Ilya goes for an arly attack, using the dreaded
prophylactic (okay, it's just a glove...) head bash.

Lyra quickly recovers, making a grab for the dreaded weapon.

And there's the Jagger Tackle!!!

This is a new twist on the Jagger Tackle. We're not
sure wht Lyra is doing with her head...

And the unorthodox tackle seems to "finish off" Ilya,
as he goes for a smoke, and Lyra triamphantly dons her
glasses and prepares to meet the press to discuss he
decisive win.

Thank you for watching! This weeks Drunken Mayhem was brought to you by "Lots of Alcohol(TM)". Please join us next week when we have Liquered-Up Lloyd vs. King Karl in naked jello shot wrestling!

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