A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Louise's visit was a smashing success. :-)

As Elena demonstrates how NOT to re-enact Fly Away Home.

Ilya and Elena show the love.

Louise, sitting on a bunch of monkey's, having an orgy. Seriously.

Nettie and Drew.

Jarred and Nia.

Drew, wearing the Spring Field 3-Eyed Fish Special Forces berret(sp?).

Nettie and Drew, again. Nettie, Drew is gay, don't be looking there. ;)

Elena and Jarred get sucked in to Mario Kart.

Even Lyra has the love going on tonight.

Elena countering with some love of her own.

Sick, sick, sick. Watching the monkey orgy for your own petty amusement. You people make me sick!!! (Ummm... Did you video tape it, so I can watch it later?)

Must.... Watch... Video game...

The forced march, the next morning.

Mmmm.... I'll have some grease, with a side of fried grease.

Yes, Louise, there is even grease on the seniors menu.

Mmmm.... Chocolate grease.

Do they have grease to go?

Tired... How long does it take them to fry up some grease, anyway?

Mmmm.... Now that was some mighty fine grease!

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