A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Now for pictures of the house. My digital cameras batteries are still dead, so I'm plugging it into the wall with the power adapter, so no pictures of the house from the outside, as the cord won't reach.

First, this house is BIG, but rather than a few big rooms (my choice) it's made up of a whole bunch of tiny rooms. It has one master bedroom w/ master bath (neither photoed), three regular bedrooms (only mine photoed), a bonus room, a formal living room, a formal dinning room, a three car garage (not photoed), a family room, a kitchen, an upstairs bathroom and downstairs bathroom (neither photoed), an office (not photoed), and a small dining room as part of the kitchen. It's on a half acre lot, and there is a hot tub, and has views of the Tualitan(sp?) Valley.

One of the odd things about the house is that there are a number of "gaps" between the walls. How the halls and walls line up, there are a number of inaccessable spaces between the rooms. I guess that's where the mob contractors that built the house hid the bodies (just kidding, about the bodies, not the gaps).

My room

While it is small, it's saving grace is that it has a walk in closet.

Bonus room

The exercise and storage room. It's right over the three car garage.

The upstairs hallway, and looking down through the entryway to the formal living room

The hallway mostly goes around the open air space created by the entry way and stairway.

The formal livingroom

Gas fireplace and antiques. One of those rooms I can't image anyone actually using.

Formal dining room

A room with tables and chairs. Isn't it exciting?

The kitchen

Where raw flesh is spiced and cooked on a daily basis.

The family room

Very cozy. How we just need the plasma scree tv.

Back deck

A very bad picture of the back deck and the view from it.

And if weedlover's Mom still lives where she used to, the house is 3-5 miles from there (if I remember correctly).

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