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The CPO's response to my inquiry:


Thanks for your sensitivity to the rural culture and history of our area. I think your idea is wonderful. I just wanted to be sure you are aware of the Washington County Historical Society. They are a non-profit dedicating to preserving the history of our county and you might want to contact them at 503-645-5353 or visit. The museum is located on the PCC Rock Creek Campus, 17677 NW Springville Road.

To my knowledge, none of the CPOs keep a photo album record of change in their areas. The North Plains (CPO 8) occassionally has, as a part of their meeting agenda, a segment reflecting on the history of their area. They go to the Historical Society to do their research and bring photos to the meeting for all to share. They also encourage local residents to bring their own photos and stories to the meetings. They believe, and I agree that it helps newcomers feel connected to the community and to build a sense of responsibility/respect.

I hope you will share your photos at a CPO meeting and generate some interest in this idea.

Thank you for contacting us. I look forward to meeting you.
Linda Gray

So I should check out the Historical Society then.

It's interesting the cultural differences of city and country living.

My experiences have been that cites or more tolerant, but less open. In cities, you can dress or act how you want and people don't hassle you. In a small town, as long as you seem to fit the moral values of the community, they will trust you and invite you into thier houses without really knowing you. In SF, I would never be explictedly invited to someones house for coffee, even if I seemed to have the same interests and values, until they have built some trust for me.

Small towns, everything is black or white. In big cities, you have millions of shades of grey.

Both groups tend to be bigotted and gossipy, but in their own ways. In small towns it tends to be racism. In big cities it tends to be trendy elitism (Gother than though, indier than thou, punker than thou, etc).

In small towns, you know yur neighbors. They help you when you need it. They are friends. But they also gossip about every little thing you do.

In big cities, you rarely know your neighbors, which provides anoniminity, but means you also don't have them to rely on.

The biggest difference is, in big cities, there is always something to do that is already arranged and ready to go. In small towns, you need to make your own entertainment (which is why I think gossip is so big).

Which do I preffer? I think I preffer the big city. Other than a few small towns, I think I would not fit well in most of them. I like some illegal substances. I enjoy some fetishes. I like to party. While I enjoy the quiet of nature that you get in small towns, I don't think I would mesh well with a gossipy church going community.

What brought this on? I was thinking of how I wish I had several acres of land about an hour from a large city, so I could have the best of both worlds. I could have around my land fields of wheat, hill covered with trees, deer, and old decaying barns.

I was thinking of how I have seen little or no sign of rave culture in Portland, and how it would be fun to have several acres where I could host occasional events.

Anyway, either small towns or big cities are perfect, and I wonder how my views will change as I age.

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