A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Beach party in July? I'm thining of having a beach party a weekend mid July. It was supposed to be a going away party for synapsepi, as she got accepted to Smith and will be leaving the west coast. (Congradulations!!!! :-) ) But, unless someone wants to give her (and hopefully perpetualfog) a ride, I doubt she can make it (beevers, agenthavok, nialavender, or lyrina wanna drive them? :-) More on that later...). But, we can still have a party and wish her well.

It will be a Casa de Cesspool Reunion. The Seattle Crew coming down. Bay Area Gang heading north, and meeting on the central Oregon Coast. Hopefully it will be more entertaining than the Saved By The Bell Reunion.

I still need to get agreement from my Grandfather for use of the cabin, but I'm setting a tentative date for The weekend of July 18th-20th. Sound good for everyone? Plenty of time to set your calendars?

Anyway, if people do decide to car pool up from the bayarea, my gas guzzling truck costs $180 round trip to fuel. That's at 14 miles a gallon. Yes, I am the sole cause of all polution and gas shortages. But for those of you who get 20-25 miles a gallon and when you split the cost between 2-4 people, it get's down right cheap to get here. Plus there is lots of great scenery, and you get the pleasure of driving through Weed California, everyones favorite photo op.

So, who wants to PAHTAY?!?!?!

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