A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Man... G4 just lost it's female gamer market in one smooth move. Smooth like Exlax, that is.

An excerpt from this article:

G4, with its obnoxiously colored orange and white booths, were in the entrance hallway in front of the West Hall. They were doing live broadcasts from one side of the hall while their booth with a MTV style ‘gamer confessional’ booth was on the other. Later in the day I passed them to find that they were giving away free tattoos to show how extreme and cool their channel was. They, at least, were honest about their booth babes by putting them in tight shirts with “Booth Babe” written right on it. They were giggling and passing out fake tattoos trying to entice people to come and get a real one. Right before I left the show they had dressed up a charismatic old lady in their tight shirt and shorts and had her roaming around trying to give boys fake tattoos as a bit for the Jimmy Kimmel Show. When the camera wasn’t on them, the guys were mean to her. I felt badly for the rather charming old lady so I walked up to her while the camera was on the two bubbly blondes and asked for a tattoo. The director saw me and snipped, “No Girls.” There you have it. They don’t want fan girls on camera, just boys and hotties. I am shy to begin with and I had spent most of the day avoiding cameras, both professional and personal. I hope the camera caught my finger. Girls game too, bitch.
Think when news gets around, and enough women complain, that jackass will be "enjoying" the high unemployment rate also.

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