A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

You know the european family crests? I think we need to design some. See, I came up with a cool idea, but I'm having a mental block as to the design. I was thinking of a crest for the Nicole and Kirsten's house, and one for Shae and Louise's. As Kirsten collects frogs, I was thinking "House of Frogs" as the theme. And for Louise's place, the very obvious "Mouse of Monkeys" (similiar to the "monkey house" at the zoo, but not quite). But frogs and monkeys would only make up part of the crest, and I'm drawing blanks on the design of the frogs and what other things should be on the crests? And how each should be desgned, funny or serious.

I was trying to think of things both/each house holds seem to like or might repressent things in their lives.

Things that would fit on both:
  • weed/pot leaf/pipe/bong/blunt/j
  • boobies
  • alcohol
  • computers/internet

House of Frogs:
  • Cameras
  • cats
  • Car being broken into
  • A drawning of Kirsten going (maybe at the motto), "This is me. This is me avoiding drama."(famous line from the ______ Union 2.0)
  • something theater (acting) related

House of Mokeys:
  • Boys
  • travel
  • dancing/parties
  • something theater (techie) related
  • Tony Hawk
  • "Your Mom"

Ideas? Suggestions? An FEA sponsorship of a million dollars?

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