A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

As I was telling lyrina, Einstien had it wrong.

The formula is actually e=M(C-S)^2, not e=MC^2, as he suggested. What is "S" you ask? Simple. It's Slack. S = Slack. Haven't you noticed that the more slack, the less energy? Think of it as a form of entropy. The more slack you have, the less energy to have/emit.

This opens a whole new field of study. the study of slack and it's effects on the universe. Luckly, many sources are readily apparent. Pot, cartoon network, warm sunday mornings in a soft bed, hugs, etc. It has also been observed that there is anti-slack. Some sources are coffee, nagging parents and bosses, and interestingly enough, rush hour traffic.

We have also obsevered early effect of slack and anti-slack on peoples health and state of mind. Slack tends to relax which lower energy levels that cause stress. Where as anti-slack does the oposite, and gives you more stress. Stress can cause raised blood pressure, irritability, and in extreme cases, heart attacks and strokes.

So I strongly encourage the study of slack, but I like wise encourage you to avoid anti-slack at all costs. In fact, you should write congress asking for a ban on anti-slack. It's what's right for a healthy America.

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