A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Last night was amusing. urbandivision, torilove, uninterrupted, and I met up with some of urbandivision's friends and we all headed out to an Arcade Party. It was way out in BFE, at a nickel arcade across the street from the Tukwila(sp?) Police Community Resource Center. The games were old school, but fun. The music was okay. It was all house, and did seem to get better as the evening went on. But the people were pretty unaproachable (i.e., very into their own social groups, and not wanting to bother with new people).

We then went to showgirls, a strip club half a block down. It was so sad. No energy, and down right boring. I think that was Nicole's first time at a strip club and I feel bad that is was such a shitty club.

Went back to the party. People still refused to talk to anyone not of their pre-existing community. So we gave up and headed home. Got home at 2am, and passed out with my cloths on.

It was odd in other ways too. People were smoking their tobacco, but that was it. No alcohol, or anything of questionable legality. While it was across from the Police Community Center, that is only a 9-5 operation and long since closed. I'm just used to down south when you always smell or see people lighting up.

Maybe I'm just missing Cali. The open friendly people. The devil may care attitude. The acceptance and encouragement of unconformity.

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